About Us

K A L I is the Hindu Goddess that liberates the soul. alkemi is a play on the ancient Egyptian word alchemy; the magical art of transformation, which perfectly embodies the spirit in which K A L I alkemi was created.

I grew up in a house full of mostly women.
Women working, making things with their hands to nurture and feed one another.
Saturdays were work days. Sewing and washing clothes with pink powdery soap.
Baking biscuits… that warm buttery syrup. The strong hard starch next to the ironing board.
The strong hands of women.
Saturdays were scent days. And at the end of the day a Bath.

That bath was the gift at the end of the work day.

Hard work then Restoration.

Saturdays.  Scent days.

Now everyday is Scent Day.

Bathed in high calibrating light and sound, K A L I  alkemi BODY OILS, MINDFUL MINERAL SOAKS, ATOMIZERS, SEA SALT RUBS and KUSTOM BLENDS, are designed to transform and liberate you, body and soul.

much Love & Gratitude,

Simbi Kali